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Best Online Sites for Legal, Medical and Veterinary Advice

Global Sites All Countries      DOCTORS 

Just Answer: medical questions answered in minutes 24/7

Ask the Dr: questions answered around the clock

Web MD:  questions and great tips and diagnostic tools

Online Health and Medical communities

Med Help:  boast 3 million members and is a wellness and medical site set up to promote health and encourage dialogue. It has great tools and apps for monitoring and tracking your health   http://

Daily Wellness Guide : Free Naturopath advice combined medical site with a range of wellness and health solutions and you can ask questions from experts and doctors

Legal Advice        LEGAL

World Law Direct :  international free service 24 hours ask a question

Country specific: Medical, Legal and Veterinary Advice

Most of these sites are free and offer good referrals to capable and reasonably priced experts


Medical Advice :

My Doctor : questions answered and online diagnosis tools and tips

NPS Medicine Wise : doctors advice on general health and on medicines

Legal Advice:

Free legal: advice on your rights and the best course of action      http://

Law Society: explains legal rights and where to find a solicitor and specific advice

Veterinary Advice:

Vet West: free online consult and nurse clinics, tips and animal first aid

Orange Vet Hospital: free online consult for your pet

USA /Canada

Medical Advice:

Web MD: good information and online diagnosis

Ask the Doctor: questions and help

Legal Advice:

Settlement Org (Canada) free online forum to answer questions

Free Advice:  questions answered on legal rights and insurance claims

Veterinary Advice:

 Vet Live : free consultancy and advice


Medical Advice:

Health Tap: free diagnosis and assistance

Net Doctor: free initial diagnosis, health and medical information

Legal Advice:

Just Answer: initial free legal advice for any legal questions

Veterinary Advice:

Vet Help Direct : free intitial advice and referrals to vets around the country

PDSA: free pet symptom checker



Best Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

Best Ways to De-clutter Your Life

Westerners are a society of hoarders we collect and keep everything and this can cause stress and waste time. Stress because we live with overflowing storage spaces and clutter and time because we are continuously looking for things or dusting our treasures.

The Fire Test:

Imagine there was a fire in your house what would you save? Most people will say their pets, passports (and other important documents) and photos. tyson and kaisha

This happened to me a couple of years ago when a fire threatened our country property and we were evacuated. I had about 15 minutes to get out and so I put the pets in the car, grabbed the photo albums, some water and food and left.

We were lucky our house wasn’t taken by the fire but in all the time we sat at the evacuation centre I couldn’t think of one thing I had left behind which I would risk going back for. Everything important to me turned out to be living-my pets, family and friends.

The Travel Test :

If you have been lucky enough to travel to any third world countries where people have very little or nothing, note how much happier they seem. If their basic needs of food, water, shelter and safety are being met, in my experience many of these cultures seem so much happier and less stressed than westerners. They lead simple lives surrounded by their families and communities and still tend to be much more giving and generous with what they do have.african children 2

I had two eye opening experiences which changed me completely when it came to accumulating things. The first was the fire and the second was when I returned from Africa and had met some of poorest but happiest and most generous people who shared what they did have with us.

I returned to my home and was disgusted by the excess of all the things I thought I had to have. I finally began to declutter and refocus my life. To do this it came down simply to this:

6 Key strategies to de-cluttering and simplifying your life:  

  • If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year get rid of it: what are you keeping it for? The truth is you probably won’t use them ever so donate, sell or gift to others
  •  Stop buying things which don’t have a purpose: all the pretty ornaments, gadgets and toys are collecting dust remove them.
  •  Review the items on your dream list: stop trying to keep up with the neighbours by buying the latest “must haves” any toy you can think of (boats, jet skis, sport car etc.) can be rented when you get the time to actually use it this will save you a lot of money and space. Ask yourself if collecting any of these things will bring happiness to your life.
  •  Rethink gifts: we all accumulate too many things so instead of buying your friends or family more things instead think about getting them an experience (lunch, movie, adventure) or donating to a charity on their behalf.
  •  Replace don’t add: if there is something you “need” ask yourself what it is replacing and get rid of the old item. Don’t buy more pots just replace what is old and only when absolutely required. Think about land fill and our throw- away society before simply replacing items with the latest thing.
  •  Does it have a home to go to: de-clutter by finding a storage place for everything. If it ends up on a counter or collecting dust on a table it’s detracting from your life and it needs to go.

Finally what helped me the most in de-cluttering my life was checking my priorities. Thinking back on what I would save from the fire forced me to revalue everything I had collected over the years. So now if it doesn’t have a purpose, doesn’t have a place to live and is not something I truly treasure then I donate it.

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Manage Energy Levels Not Time

To be Human is to Waste Time.

Our brains are not programmed to concentrate for long periods of time without distractions or drifting.

We naturally put off things we don’t want to do while spending more time than necessary on the tasks we don’t mind doing. I am a list maker I spend a concerning amount of time writing lists of things I should do rather than actually doing them. I label this my “lack of motivation” but truthfully that’s not the problem.

Over the years trying to balance the demands of my work, family and life I have picked up a  few key strategies which seem to help me.  The main thing I have learned is that I need to find strategies which work just for me, we are after all not all the same. Ultimately what it came down for me is managing my energy levels not my time. This is what has worked for me and what I recommend:

Manage your energy levels not time:

Be aware of the ups and downs in your day. Learn the times of day in which your energy levels ebb and flow and capitalise on that.

Plan you day and take energiser breaks:

During your low energy -go for walks, socialise, call a friend or whatever wakes you up. Don’t wait for it to hit plan for energisers based on when you know your low ebbs hit in your day.

Eat small amounts of energising food

Eat throughout the day rather than 3 bigger meals. Foods which have magnesium, omega- 3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin B and or protein fight fatigue. Try pumpkin or other seeds, raw nuts, eggs, tuna, lean meats citrus fruit.

Take fun breaks:

Set yourself goals and then reward yourself with something you enjoy doing or having- coffee, check your social media, dance, read a magazine etc


This is the number one tip for avoiding fatigue. Jazz up your water with lemon or berries and arm yourself with a range of herbal teas. Keep a water jug close by to track your progress an easy way to measure your progress.

Play music and sing, dance and laugh: all great ways to increase your endorphins and fill your lungs with fatigue fighting oxygen.