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It’s amazing what you find on line for free today. Since you probably don’t have time and it’s what I do here, are the best sites I have found for getting stuff for free.


Totally Free stuff (global) –this is an online site which gives away free products and samples everything from beauty products to e books baby gear.     

Free Flys (global)- try free products from beauty to vitamins to food. You will need to enter details about yourself and will be then put on a database for the products you chose to trial to receive their newsletters but you can opt out at any time.


Mommy and Me news (USA) – online site for everything babies but they do offer some good free stuff including free annual magazine subscriptions, games and books

Just Free stuff (USA) –lots of free samples and contests

Bzz Agent – this is a product testing site where you can get lots of free stuff you just need to send them a product review once you have tried them. (Canada and USA) or (UK)


Ziilch (Australia) –free recycled everything –clothes, furniture, toys, tools- FREE to list and FREE to take

Oz Recycle (Australia) – same concept lots of items here including stuff for babies

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Top 10 Free websites – for entertainment and free stuff


Here is a list of the best websites offering you free services:


Trivago-                Free hotel booking site -also downloadable app for iphones

Babel Fish-             Free translation service

Seat Guru-               Free site to get the best seats and amenities on your flights


Trello-                         Share your projects, party plans: anything with anyoneorganising hands

Fiverr-                          Site lists thousands of people who can do jobs  for you for just $5

Dropbox –                  Free way to share files, photos with friends and colleagues

ENTERTAINMENT                                                music symbol

Can I Stream It? –      Find and download free, rental and to own movies instantly

Pandora-                     Stream music from any artist for free-great for parties

IMDb –                               Free membership movie site for movie buffs-share reviewsentertainment photo 2

Wikipedia-                  Detailed information on anyone and anything

Pic Monkey-           Free service to enhance your photos


*as seen on Today Tonight Perth March 2015

Busy Buzz Co is not being paid to promote any of these sites

Best websites for FREE or CHEAP software

Best Free IT /Software Websites  software photo

Careful when downloading “Free” software programs as a lot of the time they are fronts for commercial advertising and the download you receive has been severely disabled and will come with prompts for you to upgrade.

The following Free Websites don’t do this:

File Hippo:

This site rates the best free software programs available and there are some very good offers here.

Tech Support Alert:

This site offers generic brand software which is just as good as Microsoft and other big brands for free.

Tech Radar:

Here you can see the latest trends in technology as well as trial the most current not yet released software for FREE.

Tech Spot:

This is a current site with a massive range of free software as well as discounted and upcoming trends for everything tech.

Please note Busy Buzz Co does not get paid to promote these websites