How to Buy Yourself Time

My Journey to Starting Busy Buzz Co.  bbc_logo_short_print 11x8 trans

In December 2014 I left my stressful but highly paid job in the corporate world and returned to Canada from my home in Australia to visit my family and friends. I was exhausted but after a month of hiking with my best friend on the beautiful west coast, and having relaxed cappuccinos with my dad, I was reenergised.

I knew though that I didn’t want to go back to working 12 hour days and was more determined than ever to have less time working and more time living. What to do though? I thought of the old cliché that “it’s not what you earn it’s what you save” my usual response to this was “I like my life and the things I have and I am not ever going to be a coupon and recycling teabags kind of girl”

However in my desperation to not go back to the hard slog, I started to think about getting a simpler job which paid less but would mean I could do a standard 9-5 day. In my mind, finally, saving money meant saving time. When you think about it Money means Time and not the other way around. If you can save money you can earn yourself time”

When I returned home and was surrounded by our animals I began thinking about saving money in real ways. I googled it and got about 10,000 hits but since I now had the time I started to read the articles and blogs. Most were complete rubbish and obvious or would save so little that it wasn’t worth the changes I would need to make. OK sure they would save a few dollars but they were not going to change my life.

The next day a mortgage broker friend called and this is what truly set me on my new path. After speaking to him I called my bank, long story short, I told them that after 20 years with them I was going to look for a cheaper mortgage. Fifteen minutes later I had negotiated new terms and saved us $4,000 a year. With one phone call! Why had I never done this before? The answer was time I never had any spare time to look for real savings or even the time to really think about it.

Not anymore I was going to find these savings. It took me about 3 weeks of reviewing everything we spent money on, renegotiating contracts on big ticket items and reviewing our budget. I worked out that I could save us $50,000 a year!!! In my world this meant I could now work part time and still have the same quality of life. See my blog on real ways to save money to see how I did it.

So I started half- heartedly looking for part time work at my husband’s increasing insistence. This started me thinking though about all the busy people out there who were in the same situation I was, time poor and trapped because of money. As more of a hobby and because I love to write, I started blogging about all the ways I had found to save money and therefore earn time.

I spoke to friends and realised I was on to something as they too started to implement some of the suggestions I had discovered. I continued to write and share my articles and was approached by a company (who shall remain nameless so I don’t get sued) who wanted to put an advert on my site which they would pay me for. Light bulb moment but the problem was I didn’t ethically support this company and I didn’t want to hassle my readers with cheap sales techniques.

However I was actually promoting products through my blogs, ones I used and believed in which were either giving away free samples or were really cheap, I just wasn’t getting paid for it. So I contacted some of those companies and asked if they would pay me to promote their products. Most said no but a couple said yes I could become an associate and they would pay me a small amount (cents not big amounts) if any of my readers went to their site, via a link in mine.

So Busy Buzz Co, my new business was launched. I made a decision though right from the beginning, that I would only promote products which I had used and believed in, no exceptions. I will also be very clear with my readers that if I do promote a product and I am an associate that if they clicked on a link for something free or to get more information I would receive a small stipend.

So far I have only 4 products I get paid for and now about 40 articles which might mention good websites and places to go for free and cheap stuff but I am not being paid for those. I want my readers to trust me and also to be able to use the information for their own benefit, without fear that my site is about flogging products to make a few bucks.

To this end I have set up a Facebook Page/Busy Buzz Co and will write a monthly newsletter on saving real time, money and living more simply so that you too can make choices in your lives to allow you more time for living. I also have a feedback form to encourage readers to ask questions and list things they would like to know about.

I have spent 6 months researching and working through the mess which is now the web to try and find good tips from credible experts and be able to pass them on. Ultimately I want to try and create an online community where readers can share their own tips and have discussions, so this is the goal I am working towards.

If this is something that interests you why not sign up to my free monthly newsletter and become part of Busy Buzz Co? It is simple to unsubscribe at any time if you decide it’s not for you. Thank you for your support and I look forward to your feedback


How life interconnects

How our survival depends on the Dung Beetle dung beetle 

Sometimes I think we forget how interconnected we are as humans and as part of our larger world.

In school we learn about the food chain but sadly I think what resonates with most students is that humans are on top and not how dependent we actually are on everything below us on the chain.

That sadly has translated into a careless disregard for all the species (animals and plants) which join humans on the chain and not only feed us but provide us all with life.

The KEY word in food chain is chain; everything is linked and vital to the success of all links in the chain. When we remove entire species we upset the delicate balance which was carefully designed to support all life on the chain.

What I took away from the food chain biology lesson was the vital role the dung beetle plays in all of our lives.

First I had to stop giggling at the fact that this insect eats poo!!! Really its whole existence is around eating large animal’s dung.

In doing so they can quickly dispose of dung pads – it can take as little as a few hours. This removes the breeding ground for flies and midges and thus reduces the occurrence of the diseases that they spread.   These incredible creatures also roll their food-“dung take away balls” and bury it for sustenance and as a home for their larvae.

Dung beetles can roll balls up to 50 times their weight this is like an average person pulling 6 double decker buses filled with people.

Their simple life of poo rolling and eating benefits us in many ways. By burying the dung they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help the soil retain moisture for planting, provide nutrients to the soil, aerate the soil and provide better retention of water for crops.

In a nutshell, Dung beetles improve the soil-which improves the crops-which are our food.

All life is connected in this way by long strings or chains of interdependence. Our role as humans at the top of that chain is to understand and protect the entire life chain.

Think about how your actions are contributing to maintaining or destroying the food/life chain 

Species which will be extinct within the next ten years if we don’t take action 

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Download a Promotional Code for Every Shop 

Recently I was shopping on line for toiletries and as I was about to click send up popped the familiar  coupon code box.  

These appear with almost every shop I do and I don’t have a coupon and really never gave any thought as to where to get one so I just skip this part. With my new commitment to save money though I decided to research these elusive coupon codes.

Turns out its easy simply open another internet browser page and search the name of the company you are shopping with and coupons.  In my case I was shopping with Chemist Warehouse and following my search up popped about 15 coupon offers including this one which I chose

  •   Further 10% Off everything from Chemist Warehouse with coupon code “click here for code”

I then took the code number and entered it into my shop where it asked for a promotional code and presto another 10 percent offSo I started researching  what other companies offered coupons and you guessed it almost every company I searched for had them. Give it try will only take a few seconds, nothing to lose and huge savings to be made.