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Create strategies for your goals and stick to them:

Whether in work or life think more about your strategies to achieve your goals than the goals themselves. Instead of my goal is to lose weight think “my strategy to achieve my goal is to walk 3 times a week” or my goal is to improve customer service with my clients but “my strategy is to cold call one customer once a week to find out from them what I can do better”

Allow less time for projects:

Instead of saying your main goal today is to complete these 2 projects set time limits on each project and then move on when the time is up. Highly successful people use this technique to focus attention and not let the day drift away.

Chunk housekeeping tasks:

Combine housekeeping tasks and block out time to get it done. Stick to that time limit and those particular tasks and don’t get distracted by add ons.

Say NO as often as you say yes:

While you may want to be a team player people who agree to take on anything and everything actually end up doing none of it very well and they stress themselves out. Practise saying No. “I have a full schedule/life at the moment so unfortunately no I won’t be able to do that”

Start small:

Instead of stating you will change your whole life by dieting, exercising and cutting out all treats. Start with something you will actually do – “my first strategy is to make healthy shakes for breakfast” and add to that.

Take frequent small breaks:

Every hour build in a 10 minute break and do something that re energises you –go for a walk, drink some water, stretch or chat with a friend. You will be amazed at how more productive you are in your day.

Plan fun:

Don’t get into the habit of only having leisure time if everything else is finished instead schedule it in like you do your school runs, car service and grocery shopping. Make time for fun –this alleviates stress and adds balance to your busy life.

Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day:

Since feel good endorphins are released for up to 12 hours after exercise try and exercise early in the day.It will improve your mood and give you a much longer and better energy boost than caffeine.

Drink water:

everyone knows water is important for our metabolism, energy and concentration so make it easier on yourself, fill a bottle or jug in the morning and make sure you have finished it by the end of the day.

Turn off alerts:

Stop being distracted by incoming texts and email beeps instead turn them off and only check them every couple of hours. This will dramatically reduce anxiety and increase productivity.

Source: Ink. Jeff Haden