Free Small Business Online Tools to save you time 20150107_165146

If you are like me you have probably been looking for REAL ways to free up time in your day and be able to enjoy the things you love to do. Here are some of the best ways I have found using FREE products which will make your business and work life easier and save you time:

Free ipad scribble app

This FREE IPAD App allows you to scribble drawings on your ipad, using an online pen and then use them in your project notes or presentations. Check this out no more scribble post its:

Free Scheduling chart (gantt)

If you have never used one have a look. This is an easy to use free software template which enables you to track your business or life. Set tasks and it will organise them and remind you when things are due and provide progress updates.

Drop Box file and photo share

This free software allows you to save files and sync them to all your devices or better still share them with others just by emailing them a drop box link. Great for files you can’t download as they are too heavy and a way to keep everything which more than one person needs to see.

Registered ideas and logos search

This is the largest trade mark site in the world and allows you to search to ensure your business ideas, designs and logos have not already been registered by someone else.

Track your website traffic

Google Analytics enables you to not just see how much traffic is coming to your website but where they are coming from and which areas of your site is getting the most traffic. They collate all the traffic in easy to understand charts.

Develop newsletters and email databases for FREE

Mail chimp –creates a range of easy to use newsletter templates and then manages your database of emails including an opt out function and record of users opting in and out.

Manage online meetings and cheap overseas client calls

Skype: you have probably heard of and even used Skype but you should see it now. FREE online face to face link ups and calls to your clients and staff anywhere around the world

Visual presentations shared around the world    

Slideshow enables you to create slide show, videos, presentations and music and then share them globally. It helps you create professional presentations and then use them on your site or with clients around the world.

Schedule content and information releases automatically

Hootsuite is a huge time saver for small businesses its like having another staff member for FREE. Hootsuite will organise and distribute your content via social media staggering releases automatically as you require.

Create your own websites easily

WordPress takes care of the back end of your website with easy to use templates and instructions to ensure you can create and update your own website quickly and without having to use a programmer.    

Access online business communities to chat and share information

Quora enables you to sign in and access thousands of forums on a range of topics or start your own discussions with other business people.