I only post products which I believe in and use. This doesn’t mean they are right for you so I have also included my own personal review so you know my thoughts on its attributes and you can judge for yourself if its something you would like to try.

FIVERR -20,000 online services for Just $5

Fiverr has been around for a while but has grown considerably over the past year with now more than 20,000 services offered for just $5

That’s right Fiverr is an online community of creatives and professionals ready to provide help with everything from writing you a resume, designing a logo, recording an original track, driving traffic to your business or fixing your website problems. You can hire designers, lawyers, IT specialists, entertainers, videographers all for just $5.

This is not a gimmick Fiverr’s thousands of professionals provide real services in a very short time. Anything you can think of which can be done online is available on this site.

I recently employed an editor to proof read an important presentation paper and he was thorough and it cost me just $5. There are also some fun and interesting services for just $5 such as the woman who will write you a personalized poem, or the man who will create and film a puppet show especially made for your child.

I think this is an excellent resource for people who need help and recognize that paying $5 to fix a computer problem rather than throwing it against the wall is a better solution. Those looking for interesting or personalised gifts can buy their own recorded song, cartoon avatar or jazzed up Facebook or twitter designs all for just $5.

Check it out for yourself it really is an incredible community of services on offer. If you decide to buy something I suggest you take on these tips:

  • Look for listings with high ratings –note the turnaround times of each supplier
  • Contact the service provider in writing and explain specifically and in as mfiverr logouch detail exactly what you want.
  • Be sure to double check turnaround time especially if a deadline is critical to you.
  • If you have samples similar to the work you want done, send them along so you set realistic expectations.

CLICK HERE to have a look at all the services to choose from.


99 designsThis is crowd sourcing to get you the best designs for logos, websites and any other of your design needs. How it works is you start a contest outlining what you want designed and then at least 30 designers will submit their concepts to you within 4 days. You then narrow the field and work with a few designers to come up with the best concept for you.

Finally you choose the winner and they provide you with drafts until you are satisfied. Once completed you will have copyright of your design provided in a range of ready to use formats. This is usually much cheaper than just choosing a design firm and of course you are presented with a range of concepts which you can then further modify. Click Here to check them out.