To be Human is to Waste Time.

Our brains are not programmed to concentrate for long periods of time without distractions or drifting.

We naturally put off things we don’t want to do while spending more time than necessary on the tasks we don’t mind doing. I am a list maker I spend a concerning amount of time writing lists of things I should do rather than actually doing them. I label this my “lack of motivation” but truthfully that’s not the problem.

Over the years trying to balance the demands of my work, family and life I have picked up a  few key strategies which seem to help me.  The main thing I have learned is that I need to find strategies which work just for me, we are after all not all the same. Ultimately what it came down for me is managing my energy levels not my time. This is what has worked for me and what I recommend:

Manage your energy levels not time:

Be aware of the ups and downs in your day. Learn the times of day in which your energy levels ebb and flow and capitalise on that.

Plan you day and take energiser breaks:

During your low energy -go for walks, socialise, call a friend or whatever wakes you up. Don’t wait for it to hit plan for energisers based on when you know your low ebbs hit in your day.

Eat small amounts of energising food

Eat throughout the day rather than 3 bigger meals. Foods which have magnesium, omega- 3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin B and or protein fight fatigue. Try pumpkin or other seeds, raw nuts, eggs, tuna, lean meats citrus fruit.

Take fun breaks:

Set yourself goals and then reward yourself with something you enjoy doing or having- coffee, check your social media, dance, read a magazine etc


This is the number one tip for avoiding fatigue. Jazz up your water with lemon or berries and arm yourself with a range of herbal teas. Keep a water jug close by to track your progress an easy way to measure your progress.

Play music and sing, dance and laugh: all great ways to increase your endorphins and fill your lungs with fatigue fighting oxygen.