Download a Promotional Code for Every Shop 

Recently I was shopping on line for toiletries and as I was about to click send up popped the familiar  coupon code box.  

These appear with almost every shop I do and I don’t have a coupon and really never gave any thought as to where to get one so I just skip this part. With my new commitment to save money though I decided to research these elusive coupon codes.

Turns out its easy simply open another internet browser page and search the name of the company you are shopping with and coupons.  In my case I was shopping with Chemist Warehouse and following my search up popped about 15 coupon offers including this one which I chose

  •   Further 10% Off everything from Chemist Warehouse with coupon code “click here for code”

I then took the code number and entered it into my shop where it asked for a promotional code and presto another 10 percent offSo I started researching  what other companies offered coupons and you guessed it almost every company I searched for had them. Give it try will only take a few seconds, nothing to lose and huge savings to be made.