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Best Online Sites for Legal, Medical and Veterinary Advice

Global Sites All Countries      DOCTORS 

Just Answer: medical questions answered in minutes 24/7

Ask the Dr: questions answered around the clock

Web MD:  questions and great tips and diagnostic tools

Online Health and Medical communities

Med Help:  boast 3 million members and is a wellness and medical site set up to promote health and encourage dialogue. It has great tools and apps for monitoring and tracking your health   http://

Daily Wellness Guide : Free Naturopath advice combined medical site with a range of wellness and health solutions and you can ask questions from experts and doctors

Legal Advice        LEGAL

World Law Direct :  international free service 24 hours ask a question

Country specific: Medical, Legal and Veterinary Advice

Most of these sites are free and offer good referrals to capable and reasonably priced experts


Medical Advice :

My Doctor : questions answered and online diagnosis tools and tips

NPS Medicine Wise : doctors advice on general health and on medicines

Legal Advice:

Free legal: advice on your rights and the best course of action      http://

Law Society: explains legal rights and where to find a solicitor and specific advice

Veterinary Advice:

Vet West: free online consult and nurse clinics, tips and animal first aid

Orange Vet Hospital: free online consult for your pet

USA /Canada

Medical Advice:

Web MD: good information and online diagnosis

Ask the Doctor: questions and help

Legal Advice:

Settlement Org (Canada) free online forum to answer questions

Free Advice:  questions answered on legal rights and insurance claims

Veterinary Advice:

 Vet Live : free consultancy and advice


Medical Advice:

Health Tap: free diagnosis and assistance

Net Doctor: free initial diagnosis, health and medical information

Legal Advice:

Just Answer: initial free legal advice for any legal questions

Veterinary Advice:

Vet Help Direct : free intitial advice and referrals to vets around the country

PDSA: free pet symptom checker