BARTERING HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME "It's a good thing you brought your car in when you did, my daughter needs braces."

Community bartering systems have been around since the beginning of time and used as an alternative to monetary currency. Bartering has seen a massive resurgence this century due to higher taxes and an uncertain economy.

Bartering or trading services and goods without the use of money has always been popular in rural areas. As an example, farmers and trades people exchange produce for work done on their property and professional service people accept goods in exchange for accounting or legal assistance.


Local Barter systems usually take one of two forms. Some systems trade through a headquarters, where each member has an account-updated with “debits” and “credits” from trades. Points are assigned to the worth of a barter item instead of a monetary value.

Other systems print and utilise their own currency which is then used by customers of the local towns business. This system of bartering does eliminate the need for a central agency, but it can be problematic in getting all businesses on board with the alternative currency.


Barter isn’t limited to local communities or even within countries anymore, take a look at Barter card to see how far reaching bartering has become. Barter Card is a global network of businesses trading more than 1000 goods and services through 75 locations without money exchanging hands.

Both individual and business bartering systems are now available locally and internationally and can save you significant money. Online community bartering systems are popping up in local towns everywhere and are a great way to trade services, get rid of unwanted “treasures” and find out what is available in your local town. Search community bartering online and see what is available by simply entering in the name of your local town or the next largest one to you and the term “community bartering”.


If there isn’t already a local bartering site in your town why not set one up? There are very good resources on “how to set up an online bartering system” available through google search. Once established and promoted, these sites require very little maintenance as each barterer updates their own information.
As an example of a local site gone global where you can enter your town and see what is being traded check out On this site people list what they can do and what they would like to barter for. As an example:

Catherine Perth, Australia can provide book keeping in exchange for brick work
Dale Kelowna, Canada offers car services in exchange for home cooked meals

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