Foods Which Work as Medicine

We know we are what we eat but some foods can also be powerful medicines which can combat illnesses, give us more energy and rid our bodies of toxins.  Some of the best are:

Chilli: chillies

Added to food can boost your metabolism and combat fat build ups.

Avocados: avacadoes

Mono unsaturated fats found in avacados can help in reducing cholesterol and provides nutrients for cells and they help you feel full for longer.

Brussel sprouts: brussel sprouts

Loaded with fibre and very high in Vitamin C which can stave off colds, also acts as an antioxidant.

Black Beans: black beans

Contain more of the disease-fighting antioxidants flavonoids than any other type of bean. They are a good source of copper and iron which help your muscles retain more oxygen thereby boosting your immune system. They also contain almost no saturated fat.


In particular ginger tea, boosts metabolism, promotes blood flow, keeps you feeling full and can reduce aches and pains.

Lemons: lemon

Aids in digestion, flushes out toxins, encourage the production of bile, and is also a great source citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Best results drink in warm water.

Apple cider vinegar:apple-cider-vinegar

Helps clean the bacteria in your mouth, aids digestion, soothes a sore throat, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It can also be used topically to stop itches and help with skin blemishes and eczema.

Source: international journal of preventative medicine