Try Real Super Foods which will Help Your Energy Levels

There is so much marketing buzz around food these days it is hard to keep up with what is healthy and what is hype. The truth is the majority of nutritionists and doctors agree on the very real health powers and nutritional value of these 5 natural foods. Here is why:

Berries: berries

Filled with antioxidants which are compounds that protect our bodies from the ravages of life. Berries help combat chemicals we ingest (without realising)and can boost brain power.

Spinach: spinach

Provides more nutrients than most foods, contains magnesium, folate, calcium and has been proven to help fight cancer.

 Yogurt: yogurt

Proven to assist in building bone density and muscle mass while assisting with weight loss. Be careful of the sugar content in some brands of “low fat” yogurt.

Quinoa : quinona

High in protein and fibre, low fat and gluten free it is also one of the only plants in the world that provides a complete protein (no Soy is not a complete protein)

Bread fruit : bread fruit

Tasteless ugly looking fruit has more potassium than 3 bananas, has high levels of beta carotene and is loaded with fibre, calcium, phosphorous and other essential nutrients.