Your Phone is a Great Tool to get Deals when Shopping in Stores

You are literally carrying around the best bargaining tool you could have.

Simply take note of the product make and model you are looking to buy and search online for the best deals while you are in the shop. Use this information to then bargain with the shop assistant to get yourself a better deal.


IN SHOPS   shopping bags

Be positive pretend  you are negotiating with a friend

Be complimentary : “I love this, it is beautiful, but its too expensive for me can you do any better on the price ?”

Do your research online and know the value of items and then ask for a comparable price

Ask for add-ons with big ticket items: Can they deliver, give you something for lesser value for free

Strike a deal if you are buying lots of items : ” I am buying a lot of things here today what kind of discount are you able to give me for that”

AT MARKETS shopping in markets

Shop at the end of the day when stall holders are more likely to do a deal

Decide on what you are prepared to pay as a maximum before you start and then offer between 25-50 % less than what they are asking-any less is insulting

When haggling remain silent where possible just pretend to be thinking about the offer, research shows this is more likely to produce a result from the seller

Dress down at markets -don’t where expensive flashy clothes and expect to get a deal

Trade items: If you are a regular at a market and have appropriate items to trade ask if they are interested as that can be a win for the seller as well.

ONLINE shopping online

Search for promotional code coupons : wherever you are buying from online chances are they will have a promotional code offer. That’s the box that comes up when you check out and asks for a number. If they do simply open another browser and search using the company’s name and “coupon” get the number and add it into your check out for instant further savings.

Search online for best deals:  by entering in the make and model of what you are buying or the product code that will show you the cheapest site to buy it.

Join a “deal” site: these are free membership sites available in every western country who can send you the latest deals on items you buy regularly (food, pharmacy,clothing) or can give you a heads up when your dream item (car, bed, fridge) go on sale. Search for “online deals” and deal site groups in your country such as will come up