Increase Energy and Lose Weight naturally with Garcinia Cambogia


Great for Energy and Weightloss

As a former athlete with years working in the exercise physiology area I have a good understanding on how the body works and what is required to lose weight and feel healthy. While there is no quick fix I have had great results with the natural supplement, Garcinia Cambogia.

As a human with a love of food and wine my training and knowledge doesn’t always kick in. What I do know is that sustainable weight loss and health is about balance- energy in (food and drink) and energy out (exercise). It really is that simple in yet also the hardest balance for most people to find.

There is no quick fix and diets are not sustainable. Think about it if diets and supplements did what they claim to do there would not be a multi- billion dollar industry built around them. Vitamins and natural supplements can however help with both energy levels and increasing metabolism to assist with weight loss. Natural is the key though as most weight loss products are filled with chemicals and are highly processed. Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from a tropical fruit and naturally assists with energy levels and weight loss.

I take Garcinia Cambogia, because it is a natural fruit extract which is known to block the enzyme citrate lyase. This enzyme causes sugar and starches to be turned into fats. I like it because it does supress my appetite without the side effects often seen with chemical supplements and it gives me extra energy. Supplements are not for everyone but if you do want to give your weight loss goals a bit of a boost I recommend Garcinia Cambogia. Pure Asian Garcinia are offering a Free trial bottle so you can try it obligation free and see how it works for you click here

While the energy in energy out model is the building block for a healthy body and life how much and what to eat, the type and amount of exercise required is different for each person. My tips are to eat, where possible, whole (unprocessed) foods, ensuring the majority of what you eat is plant based and includes good sources of protein. Sugar not fat is the thing to try and minimise and “low fat” processed foods are usually very high in sugar so avoid processed diet foods.

To maintain energy and keep your blood sugars stabilised eat smaller meals 5 times a day. Take vitamin and other supplements only in addition to healthy eating not to replace a balanced diet. Garcinia Cambogia is a good example of a natural supplement which helps with energy levels and weight loss.

When exercising, choose resistance training over cardio for more effective weight loss and muscle toning. This doesn’t have to mean using weights but should include exercises where your “muscles bare weight”. So, push ups, squats, triceps presses etc, all require the muscles used to support weight and therefore will help tone the muscles while burning fat faster.
As with eating, many people, find they get more benefit from increasing their “incidental” exercising throughout the day (taking the stairs, stretching, desk squats) than from doing one big work out.

My biggest tip is commit to something fun and to find ways to be active for minutes at a time throughout your day. Standing and walking around while you are on the phone will burn far more calories than talking while lying on the couch.