Top 10 Free websites – for entertainment and free stuff


Here is a list of the best websites offering you free services:


Trivago-                Free hotel booking site -also downloadable app for iphones

Babel Fish-             Free translation service

Seat Guru-               Free site to get the best seats and amenities on your flights


Trello-                         Share your projects, party plans: anything with anyoneorganising hands

Fiverr-                          Site lists thousands of people who can do jobs  for you for just $5

Dropbox –                  Free way to share files, photos with friends and colleagues

ENTERTAINMENT                                                music symbol

Can I Stream It? –      Find and download free, rental and to own movies instantly

Pandora-                     Stream music from any artist for free-great for parties

IMDb –                               Free membership movie site for movie buffs-share reviewsentertainment photo 2

Wikipedia-                  Detailed information on anyone and anything

Pic Monkey-           Free service to enhance your photos


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Free Medical and Legal Advice Online


legal gaveldoctor photokaisha and minou

Best Online Sites for Legal, Medical and Veterinary Advice

Global Sites All Countries      DOCTORS 

Just Answer: medical questions answered in minutes 24/7

Ask the Dr: questions answered around the clock

Web MD:  questions and great tips and diagnostic tools

Online Health and Medical communities

Med Help:  boast 3 million members and is a wellness and medical site set up to promote health and encourage dialogue. It has great tools and apps for monitoring and tracking your health   http://

Daily Wellness Guide : Free Naturopath advice combined medical site with a range of wellness and health solutions and you can ask questions from experts and doctors

Legal Advice        LEGAL

World Law Direct :  international free service 24 hours ask a question

Country specific: Medical, Legal and Veterinary Advice

Most of these sites are free and offer good referrals to capable and reasonably priced experts


Medical Advice :

My Doctor : questions answered and online diagnosis tools and tips

NPS Medicine Wise : doctors advice on general health and on medicines

Legal Advice:

Free legal: advice on your rights and the best course of action      http://

Law Society: explains legal rights and where to find a solicitor and specific advice

Veterinary Advice:

Vet West: free online consult and nurse clinics, tips and animal first aid

Orange Vet Hospital: free online consult for your pet

USA /Canada

Medical Advice:

Web MD: good information and online diagnosis

Ask the Doctor: questions and help

Legal Advice:

Settlement Org (Canada) free online forum to answer questions

Free Advice:  questions answered on legal rights and insurance claims

Veterinary Advice:

 Vet Live : free consultancy and advice


Medical Advice:

Health Tap: free diagnosis and assistance

Net Doctor: free initial diagnosis, health and medical information

Legal Advice:

Just Answer: initial free legal advice for any legal questions

Veterinary Advice:

Vet Help Direct : free intitial advice and referrals to vets around the country

PDSA: free pet symptom checker



Best Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

Best Ways to De-clutter Your Life

Westerners are a society of hoarders we collect and keep everything and this can cause stress and waste time. Stress because we live with overflowing storage spaces and clutter and time because we are continuously looking for things or dusting our treasures.

The Fire Test:

Imagine there was a fire in your house what would you save? Most people will say their pets, passports (and other important documents) and photos. tyson and kaisha

This happened to me a couple of years ago when a fire threatened our country property and we were evacuated. I had about 15 minutes to get out and so I put the pets in the car, grabbed the photo albums, some water and food and left.

We were lucky our house wasn’t taken by the fire but in all the time we sat at the evacuation centre I couldn’t think of one thing I had left behind which I would risk going back for. Everything important to me turned out to be living-my pets, family and friends.

The Travel Test :

If you have been lucky enough to travel to any third world countries where people have very little or nothing, note how much happier they seem. If their basic needs of food, water, shelter and safety are being met, in my experience many of these cultures seem so much happier and less stressed than westerners. They lead simple lives surrounded by their families and communities and still tend to be much more giving and generous with what they do have.african children 2

I had two eye opening experiences which changed me completely when it came to accumulating things. The first was the fire and the second was when I returned from Africa and had met some of poorest but happiest and most generous people who shared what they did have with us.

I returned to my home and was disgusted by the excess of all the things I thought I had to have. I finally began to declutter and refocus my life. To do this it came down simply to this:

6 Key strategies to de-cluttering and simplifying your life:  

  • If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year get rid of it: what are you keeping it for? The truth is you probably won’t use them ever so donate, sell or gift to others
  •  Stop buying things which don’t have a purpose: all the pretty ornaments, gadgets and toys are collecting dust remove them.
  •  Review the items on your dream list: stop trying to keep up with the neighbours by buying the latest “must haves” any toy you can think of (boats, jet skis, sport car etc.) can be rented when you get the time to actually use it this will save you a lot of money and space. Ask yourself if collecting any of these things will bring happiness to your life.
  •  Rethink gifts: we all accumulate too many things so instead of buying your friends or family more things instead think about getting them an experience (lunch, movie, adventure) or donating to a charity on their behalf.
  •  Replace don’t add: if there is something you “need” ask yourself what it is replacing and get rid of the old item. Don’t buy more pots just replace what is old and only when absolutely required. Think about land fill and our throw- away society before simply replacing items with the latest thing.
  •  Does it have a home to go to: de-clutter by finding a storage place for everything. If it ends up on a counter or collecting dust on a table it’s detracting from your life and it needs to go.

Finally what helped me the most in de-cluttering my life was checking my priorities. Thinking back on what I would save from the fire forced me to revalue everything I had collected over the years. So now if it doesn’t have a purpose, doesn’t have a place to live and is not something I truly treasure then I donate it.

smallreily and kimani 212

How life interconnects

How our survival depends on the Dung Beetle dung beetle 

Sometimes I think we forget how interconnected we are as humans and as part of our larger world.

In school we learn about the food chain but sadly I think what resonates with most students is that humans are on top and not how dependent we actually are on everything below us on the chain.

That sadly has translated into a careless disregard for all the species (animals and plants) which join humans on the chain and not only feed us but provide us all with life.

The KEY word in food chain is chain; everything is linked and vital to the success of all links in the chain. When we remove entire species we upset the delicate balance which was carefully designed to support all life on the chain.

What I took away from the food chain biology lesson was the vital role the dung beetle plays in all of our lives.

First I had to stop giggling at the fact that this insect eats poo!!! Really its whole existence is around eating large animal’s dung.

In doing so they can quickly dispose of dung pads – it can take as little as a few hours. This removes the breeding ground for flies and midges and thus reduces the occurrence of the diseases that they spread.   These incredible creatures also roll their food-“dung take away balls” and bury it for sustenance and as a home for their larvae.

Dung beetles can roll balls up to 50 times their weight this is like an average person pulling 6 double decker buses filled with people.

Their simple life of poo rolling and eating benefits us in many ways. By burying the dung they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help the soil retain moisture for planting, provide nutrients to the soil, aerate the soil and provide better retention of water for crops.

In a nutshell, Dung beetles improve the soil-which improves the crops-which are our food.

All life is connected in this way by long strings or chains of interdependence. Our role as humans at the top of that chain is to understand and protect the entire life chain.

Think about how your actions are contributing to maintaining or destroying the food/life chain 

Species which will be extinct within the next ten years if we don’t take action 

lynxwombatorangutancamelrhinoantelopemaned slothtigers


Small business online tools to save you time

Free Small Business Online Tools to save you time 20150107_165146

If you are like me you have probably been looking for REAL ways to free up time in your day and be able to enjoy the things you love to do. Here are some of the best ways I have found using FREE products which will make your business and work life easier and save you time:

Free ipad scribble app

This FREE IPAD App allows you to scribble drawings on your ipad, using an online pen and then use them in your project notes or presentations. Check this out no more scribble post its:

Free Scheduling chart (gantt)

If you have never used one have a look. This is an easy to use free software template which enables you to track your business or life. Set tasks and it will organise them and remind you when things are due and provide progress updates.

Drop Box file and photo share

This free software allows you to save files and sync them to all your devices or better still share them with others just by emailing them a drop box link. Great for files you can’t download as they are too heavy and a way to keep everything which more than one person needs to see.

Registered ideas and logos search

This is the largest trade mark site in the world and allows you to search to ensure your business ideas, designs and logos have not already been registered by someone else.

Track your website traffic

Google Analytics enables you to not just see how much traffic is coming to your website but where they are coming from and which areas of your site is getting the most traffic. They collate all the traffic in easy to understand charts.

Develop newsletters and email databases for FREE

Mail chimp –creates a range of easy to use newsletter templates and then manages your database of emails including an opt out function and record of users opting in and out.

Manage online meetings and cheap overseas client calls

Skype: you have probably heard of and even used Skype but you should see it now. FREE online face to face link ups and calls to your clients and staff anywhere around the world

Visual presentations shared around the world    

Slideshow enables you to create slide show, videos, presentations and music and then share them globally. It helps you create professional presentations and then use them on your site or with clients around the world.

Schedule content and information releases automatically

Hootsuite is a huge time saver for small businesses its like having another staff member for FREE. Hootsuite will organise and distribute your content via social media staggering releases automatically as you require.

Create your own websites easily

WordPress takes care of the back end of your website with easy to use templates and instructions to ensure you can create and update your own website quickly and without having to use a programmer.    

Access online business communities to chat and share information

Quora enables you to sign in and access thousands of forums on a range of topics or start your own discussions with other business people.



Get Deals on Big Ticket Items by Using Your Phone

Your Phone is a Great Tool to get Deals when Shopping in Stores

You are literally carrying around the best bargaining tool you could have.

Simply take note of the product make and model you are looking to buy and search online for the best deals while you are in the shop. Use this information to then bargain with the shop assistant to get yourself a better deal.


IN SHOPS   shopping bags

Be positive pretend  you are negotiating with a friend

Be complimentary : “I love this, it is beautiful, but its too expensive for me can you do any better on the price ?”

Do your research online and know the value of items and then ask for a comparable price

Ask for add-ons with big ticket items: Can they deliver, give you something for lesser value for free

Strike a deal if you are buying lots of items : ” I am buying a lot of things here today what kind of discount are you able to give me for that”

AT MARKETS shopping in markets

Shop at the end of the day when stall holders are more likely to do a deal

Decide on what you are prepared to pay as a maximum before you start and then offer between 25-50 % less than what they are asking-any less is insulting

When haggling remain silent where possible just pretend to be thinking about the offer, research shows this is more likely to produce a result from the seller

Dress down at markets -don’t where expensive flashy clothes and expect to get a deal

Trade items: If you are a regular at a market and have appropriate items to trade ask if they are interested as that can be a win for the seller as well.

ONLINE shopping online

Search for promotional code coupons : wherever you are buying from online chances are they will have a promotional code offer. That’s the box that comes up when you check out and asks for a number. If they do simply open another browser and search using the company’s name and “coupon” get the number and add it into your check out for instant further savings.

Search online for best deals:  by entering in the make and model of what you are buying or the product code that will show you the cheapest site to buy it.

Join a “deal” site: these are free membership sites available in every western country who can send you the latest deals on items you buy regularly (food, pharmacy,clothing) or can give you a heads up when your dream item (car, bed, fridge) go on sale. Search for “online deals” and deal site groups in your country such as will come up

Get at least 10 % off your online orders with every company every shop


Download a Promotional Code for Every Shop 

Recently I was shopping on line for toiletries and as I was about to click send up popped the familiar  coupon code box.  

These appear with almost every shop I do and I don’t have a coupon and really never gave any thought as to where to get one so I just skip this part. With my new commitment to save money though I decided to research these elusive coupon codes.

Turns out its easy simply open another internet browser page and search the name of the company you are shopping with and coupons.  In my case I was shopping with Chemist Warehouse and following my search up popped about 15 coupon offers including this one which I chose

  •   Further 10% Off everything from Chemist Warehouse with coupon code “click here for code”

I then took the code number and entered it into my shop where it asked for a promotional code and presto another 10 percent offSo I started researching  what other companies offered coupons and you guessed it almost every company I searched for had them. Give it try will only take a few seconds, nothing to lose and huge savings to be made.

Top Tips to Save You Real Money


A couple of things happened recently which made me very determined to not be “ripped off” anymore and to really think about what I was spending my money on. The first was I left my well paid job because the long hours and commute were taking all the fun out of life. The second was my husband wrote my car off in an accident and I discovered that my 6 year old $50,000 vehicle had a “market value” of $7,000 according to my insurance company.

Since I have always made quite good money I honestly never thought of the real value of a dollar here or there. I also was so busy I neglected to think about big ticket items like cars, insurance, my mortgage or the many other things we buy all the time.   So I forced myself to review my actual expenditure and test the market. When I added up the savings I could have made, had I done my research, I literally slumped in my seat and then got to work.

From doing these simple things I cut my bills by more than $50,000 a year. This was staggering to me not just for the amount I was wasting but what it meant for my life. I had always been more concerned with how much I made not how much I was spent. I should point out that I have never lived frivolously wasting money on fancy clothes or acquiring expensive toys, but I also clearly, hadn’t lived thoughtfully. I failed to understand the basic premise that savings of this amount, half my annual salary, gave me freedom. To work less, to spend time with my friends, to volunteer to breathe and live with less stress.

mortgagecarkaisha and log

Here is what I did:

MORTGAGE: I paid my mortgage diligently for 10 years never questioning the variable rate I was being charged or considering ways to reduce costs. With one phone call to the bank simply stating I needed all the details on my mortgage (rate, total, time left) because I was going to “shop around” for a better deal, resulted in an immediate decrease by my bank and a saving of $4,000 a year. Wow I was both angry for not doing this earlier and determined to get an even better deal.

BROKERS: I tested the mortgage market using a broker. Most countries now have this service whereby you don’t pay the broker the banks do when they get you a better deal. Mine did and after 20 years with the same bank I happily switched and saved myself another $5,000.

Brokers also handle insurance in the same way so that was step number two – health, life, car, home and content insurance I had a broker negotiate deals in all these areas and saved myself another $3,000 a year.

PHONES and download costs: This was another area I had never paid much attention too. We had contracts for mobile phones, land lines and computer wireless and while we had bundled where we could I never really checked our usage or negotiated beyond the sign up. My service provider was helpful and demonstrated ways we could change our contracts which ended up saving $1500 a year. I was “helpfully” told that it is not their responsibility to contact us with better deals or contract changes its up to us. So much for customer service but I won’t let this happen again.

CAR: I bought my first “brand new” car six years ago the one I mentioned above which depreciated by $43,000 in that time. Now needing another car I shopped around and was astounded at the range of second hand car sale places online. Now you can buy second hand cars which come with warranties and even free shipping within your country. You can also buy privately and find online sites which offer valuations, run car histories and mechanical checks and provide advice on the best performance and value for money brands. No excuses now to buy new again.

FOOD : buying lunches and coffees as well as grabbing take outs on the way home was by far the biggest expense for me and therefore biggest savings once I stopped. On average I would spend $20 a day just on coffee and lunch, justifying it because I was too busy with work to manage a packed lunch in the morning. This cost me more than $5,000 a year. I had never done the sums not to mention the health cost. Don’t get me started on the costs of take away Japanese or Indian at least once a week because I was too tired to cook…..

PET CARE: This was my biggest area of saving by researching the online purchasing options available for the multi- billion dollar pet industry I am now saving more than $10,000 a year (well I should explain that we have 8 pets). I found food, medicine, bed, toys everything we needed for our animals was up to 50% cheaper online than it was at the local grocery store or vet.

PETROL/GAS: Most people have figured out that petrol/gas stations have cycles and there are days of the week where its cheaper to fill up. Some stations change their cycles to deal with this but in most western countries this is now regulated and by law they are required to let you know when their prices will increase and decrease. I simply googled our local station and found that their website contained all this information. We also added a rewards discount card and if we use that and stick to the cheaper days we will save $5,000 a year on fuel for our 3 cars.

SHOPPING AROUND: I don’t like shopping, so I get in and out of the shops as quickly as possible. Being stranded in the country with limited access to a car for a month, I spent a lot of time online researching ways to shop and get things delivered. What I discovered is there is now very little you can’t buy online and have delivered in Western countries. There are huge savings online for items like beauty, medicines, toiletries and clothes. Most bricks and mortar businesses also have websites and its really worth checking them out online before going as they offer vouchers, discount days and supermarkets even give you days and times of the days they further discount. Also when buying big ticket items in shops such as computers, whitegoods and furniture use your phone and google “best deals” on the item you are buying using the brand /code and then show it to the sales person and ask them what they can do.  Doing this research gives my family an overall annual saving of more than $10,000!!!    

COMMUNITY BARTERING: I grew up in the country where bartering was a way of life. Trading garden vegetables with neighbours, swapping babysitting for music lessons, and borrowing tools and machines was common practise. These days no matter where you live bartering is available and a lot of this is online. If you have a skill you can opt to be paid or trade for another service. There are also numerous communities which have developed their own currencies (money) and guides to buy and trade locally (google “community bartering” for your area it has huge implications for our uncertain economy and for individuals). Where I live, we simply found an online “services bartering site” and began trading.

SECOND HAND SALES: my husband is a “junk” collector and he drives me crazy with it. However when we did our annual clean up this year instead of throwing it all on the verge for collection I started researching trade and sell sites (see blog on this) and while it took a bit of effort we made several thousand dollars on our junk.

The point for me of all of this was I realised that I had never had the time to do my research and to be honest I thought it wasn’t worth my time to look into it. However making this effort using the tips above has Earned me so much more time with my family and for myself without changing my lifestyle. Think about what you spend the most money on and google ways to save money on it.

Best websites for FREE or CHEAP software

Best Free IT /Software Websites  software photo

Careful when downloading “Free” software programs as a lot of the time they are fronts for commercial advertising and the download you receive has been severely disabled and will come with prompts for you to upgrade.

The following Free Websites don’t do this:

File Hippo:

This site rates the best free software programs available and there are some very good offers here.

Tech Support Alert:

This site offers generic brand software which is just as good as Microsoft and other big brands for free.

Tech Radar:

Here you can see the latest trends in technology as well as trial the most current not yet released software for FREE.

Tech Spot:

This is a current site with a massive range of free software as well as discounted and upcoming trends for everything tech.

Please note Busy Buzz Co does not get paid to promote these websites